Somnus` M believes Muerta is not "as bad as people say," gives advice on how to play her


The inactive Dota 2 midlaner Lu "Somnus`M" Yao spoke about Muerta on a recent stream. He thinks that the hero, that considered to be relatively weak, can be a valid pick. His words were brought by CN Dota In A Nutshell Twitter account, which follows esports events in China.

Somnus believes Muerta is "not as bad as people say" because she is good at farming. He advises buying Blink Dagger after Black King Bar and focusing on attacking enemy supports.

On March 18, Valve buffed the heroine to make her a more viable carry. Upon release, Muerta was weak in that role, and many tried to use her in other positions. You can find her adjustments here.

Somnus` M previously revealed his plans for the future. He wants to build a team to join DPC Tour 3 through open qualifiers. In case of failure, he might also join an established roster. He also talked about a possible reunion with Ame, but the latter refuted such a possibility.


Somnus`M Lu Yao


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