Dyrachyo on Riyadh Masters 2023: "We basically have two The Internationals per year now"


Gaimin Gladiators player Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov spoke about his performance in 2022, the games he plays in his free time, and compared Riyadh Masters 2023 to The International series. He thinks that ESL Pro Tour significantly changes the ecosystem of Dota 2.

Do you agree that you weren't the most consistent player last year?

Yeah. I can still afford some unnecessary mistakes, but it has become slightly easier. In my opinion, I am now more skilled, and detect these moments better. Previously, I could make a stupid mistake like not reading the map or just feeding for no reason. Now it's easier for me to play because I have a strong team to back me. Even if I make a mistake, my teammates might carry the game, lowering the pressure level in games. Overall, I'm better at landing. Maybe there are some faults, but I can recall critical ones.

Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov

On Riyadh Masters 2023

I think teams will prepare for Riyadh Masters 2023 as they do it for TI. The money is insane. Where else can you see such a thing? We basically have two The Internationals per year now. We were already invited to DreamLeague. I don't know if I can announce that or not, but I don't care.

They must prepare. You can't just treat such an event like practice. It's colossal money compared to Majors for $200,000. Teams will have to sweat and try hard. Additionally, there are no open qualifiers for DreamLeague, so you must play a lot before that. Teams will have to prepare well and put their effort before the tournament.

Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov

The games Dyrachyo plays, aside Dota 2

I watch Apex Legends and talk to the guys from Gaimin Gladiators [Apex division]. I play myself when I have some time. I like that game because it's skill-based if you're not on a gamepad. Movement and shooting matter a lot here, unlike other battle royal games. For example, in PUBG before, you were just sitting in one place.

Sometimes I try other games. I can play a bit of Warzone or some session games, like Valorant. But I haven't played anything besides Dota 2 and Apex for a long time. I mostly don't have time for them: I was at the Major, at the bootcamp before that, did my stuff, and got my passport. I started Elden Ring but quickly abandoned it. I couldn't beat a boss, so I quit to save time. Maybe I'll play it later. I like the game, but it takes too much time.

Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov

Previously, ESL announced the new Dota Pro Tour with Dreamleague events serving as qualifiers for Riyadh Masters 2023. The tournament will have $15 mln in prize money, a sum comparable to many past TIs. The event will be staged in Saudi Arabia in July.


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DyrachYO Anton Shkredov


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Riyadh Masters 2023

Start Date 2023-07-17
Prize Pool $ 15,000,000