Gpk~ after dyrachyo and Pure trolling in pub: "I will f**king break my items now. Is that what you want? Do you think I care?"


BetBoom's Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko and Danil "gpk~" Skutin, together with Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov from Gaimin Gladiators, engaged in a most likely joking quarrel in a public Dota 2 match. Too many core players joined the game, which caused the players to pick weird roles and heroes. Dyrachyo sacrificed himself, playing Shadow Fiend from a safe support position.

In that situation, the players probably decided not to try too hard and repeatedly trolled Gpk~. The midlaner played Pangolier and appeared annoyed with their responses.

Pure (DK): I'm ready to stun, guys.

Dyrachyo (SF): Where's your blink?

Pure: Pangolier is so f**king underperforming.

Dyrachyo: He can't hit a single Swashbuckle! Alright, I shut up.

Gpk (Pangolier): You piss me off, miserable f**ks! What are you doing mid? DK doesn't have a f**king Blink, get the f**k out of here!

Dyrachyo: Calm down, calm down.

Pure: Can you hit something with your spells, Pangolier?

Gpk: I will f**king break my items now. Is that what you want? Do you think I care?

Dyrachyo: I will come to you myself then.

They lost under 26 minutes with a 13:38 score against Ammar "ATF" Alassaf and other players. Gpk~, of course, knows Pangolier quite well, as he played the last 7 games on the hero with 57% win rate (including this match).


GG Gaimin Gladiators

gpk~ Danil Skutin

DyrachYO Anton Shkredov

Pure Ivan Moskalenko


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