Dota 2 fan releases game of guessing rank by highlight called "Oracle's Prophecy"


Reddit user Daitli introduced the game named "Oracle's Prophecy" for Dota 2 fans. It allows you to guess the rank of a random player after watching a short replay clip. It is available in the browser via the link.

For a successful answer, users are awarded "Oracle points." You can spend them on a 50/50 hint to remove half of the options.

You can sort the clips by duration, hero, match time, and date added. The progress is stored in the cloud. The settings allow you to set the volume for effects and other things.

Daitli promised to update the game every month. He would like to devote more time to it, but due to other projects he can't. The developer also maintains a YouTube channel where he shows how to program and render abilities from Dota 2. He also has another Dota-related game inspired by Rubick.


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