Valve's massive ban wave deserts Chinese DPC: Only two teams remain in Division 2


Perfect World announced their ruling after dropping the biggest ban wave in Dota 2 history on the local scene. Now, only two teams remain in the Second Division for Tour 2: Poke Gaming and Meteor Gaming. All other spots will be filled with the teams from the open qualifiers.

The former Team Knights and EHOME left the top division. One slot will go to Aster.Aries that finished 7th in the winter Tour but will not be relegated. The second spot will go to Outsiders From CN, the top 3 of the lower division last Tour.

List of excluded teams and their positions at the end of Tour 1

Valve and Perfect World banned over 40 players in a single wave on March 9. Some of them got indefinite bans, while others only a year or two. The official reason — foul play — is the same for every case. So far, neither party has elaborated on what it means. The banned Knights and EHOME participated in Lima Major 2023, and some other players have a history of playing at TIs.


Aries Aster.Aries

Knights Team Knights

MG Meteor Gaming

OFC Outsiders From CN

Poke Poke Gaming


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