Spirit Korb3n: "BOOM switches to offlane in Secret, that's for certain. Midlaner is Asian, probably Armel"


Team Spirit's manager Dmirtiy "Korb3n" Belov shared insight on the upcoming reshuffle in Team Secret. According to him, Miroslav "BOOM" Bican is supposed to move to the offlane, while Armel "Armel" Paul Tabios will join the lineup as a mid player. Korb3n revealed these rumors on stream of Spirit's analyst, sikle.

I heard about yamich in Secret as position 4. But there's someone else now, apparently. Other things are default. BOOM to offlane. That's for certain, everyone says that. Midlaner is Asian, probably, Armel. And yamich as position 4.

Dmirtiy "Korb3n" Belov

The part about the former Virtus.pro player Daniyal "yamich" Lazebny sounds unclear. The support previously mentioned that he "might play in Division 2", but Korb3n said that it's possible Secret changed their mind and found another player. The information about BOOM and Armel has been shared before by other sources. The latter was rumored by a SEA insider in the form of a cryptic tweet.

Recently, Team Secret parted ways with Resolut1on and Zayac, freeing positions 3 and 4. According to our report, the former will join Old G. The roster lock will start on March 11.

Team Secret possible lineup


Secret Team Secret

Armel Armel Paul Tabios

yamich Daniyal Lazebny

BOOM Miroslav Bičan

Korb3n Dmitry Belov

sikle Mark Lerman


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