Chinese Knights disband after Lima Major. Team was accused of cheating and match-fixing


The Chinese team Knights seemingly ceased to exist. Four players left the squad on the Dota 2 registration page. The only remaining team member on the lineup is Xiao «XCJ» Chaojian.

At the same time, Knights changed their name on the website. It's now called Antarctic Penguins, featuring XCJ and three more players. Two are relatively unknown, while Xu "mmm" Ziyang previously played for teams like TongFu and LGD. With the latter one, he reached 5-6th place at TI4. It's unclear what happens to Chong "FelixCiaoBa" Wei Lun; it is possible that he will be added later.

The trio of eGo, AlaCrity-, and Flyby moved to a new roster named Solitude. It's unclear who will get the spot in Division 1 now.

Knights took the last place at Lima Major 2023. The team did not win a single match in the group stage, losing 15 out of 16 maps. During the tournament, they were repeatedly accused of match-fixing due to strange actions and suspicious betting activity related to their games.

Even the way Knights made it to the Major raised questions among some community figures. The roster was accused of using maphack while winning against the DPC leaders, and the local TO, Perfect World, reportedly sent some evidence to Valve.


Knights Team Knights

mmm Xu Ziyang

FelixCiaoBa Chong Wei Lun

XCJ Xiao Chaojian


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The Lima Major 2023

Start Date 2023-02-22
Prize Pool $ 500,000