Eva Elfie congratulates Dyrachyo on Lima Major win. Seems that pornstar continues watching esports


Pornstar Julia "Eva Elfie" Romanova celebrated Gaimin Gladiators' win at Lima Major 2023 and congratulated their Russian carry Anton "Dyrachyo" Shkredov on the trophy. "Sheesh, my congrats to Dyrachyo," she wrote on her social media, posting a photo with the player.

Last year, Eva visited two large esports events: Dota 2 The International 2022 in Singapore and CS:GO IEM Rio Major. She was promoting 1xbet and making fun content for her YouTube and other accounts. At TI11, she even picked the eventual champion Tundra to cheer for. That became a meme in the Dota community known as "Eva Elfie's boost." Seems that the pornstar continues following esports even without promotion trips.

4D Esports Lima Major 2023 ran from February 22 to March 5 on LAN in Peru. 18 attending teams fought for a $500,000 prize pool and DPC points. In the grand final, Gaimin Gladiators crushed Team Liquid, which was weakened by a mid-playoff substitute.


GG Gaimin Gladiators

DyrachYO Anton Shkredov


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The Lima Major 2023

Start Date 2023-02-22
Prize Pool $ 500,000