Here's how new Dota hero Muerta model and her ability Mercy and Grace looks like in game


With the addition of the small Mercy and Grace update in Dota 2, teasing the next heroine Muerta in the game, two statues of her were released on the map. They seem similar to effigies and most likely show her in-game appearance, but without her actual textures applied.

Muerta's statue mostly repeats the image shown in the reveal trailer. The same short cloak, flowers on her head, and even the Revenant's Brooch is there. What's different? Muerta is wielding not one but two flintlock pistols. Most likely, they are called Mercy and Grace.

The mini-game in Dota 2 teases her ability or related item, Mercy & Grace. Here's how it works in the game. To watch it on your own in the game, jump to our guide on how to obtain the item here.

Muerta and patch 7.33 is expected to come out on March 6. That's when Valve promised to "reveal" the next update of the game. She will become Dota's 124th character. You can read more about her by following the link below.


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