Yatoro didn't shake hands with Talon after they knocked Spirit out of Lima Major


Team Spirit carry Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk ignored the opponents from Talon Esports when they came on stage after the elimination match at Lima Major 2023. Disappointed with the loss, Yatoro quickly left the place without the traditional handshake. The episode was captured by our reporter at the event, Polina Mashina.

In a post-match comment, Miposhka revealed that their misplay with Terrorblade, who was played by Yatoro, cost them the game. Team Spirit lost to Talon Esports with a score of 1:2. The EEU roster finished the tournament in 7th-8th place, earning $12,500 in prize money and 100 DPC points.

The Lima Major 2023 runs from February 22 to March 5 in Peru. Teams from different regions of the world play for $500 thousand and 1.9 thousand rating points.


TSpirit Team Spirit

TLN Talon Esports

Miposhka Yaroslav Naidenov

YatoroGOD Illya Mulyarchuk


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The Lima Major 2023

Start Date 2023-02-22
Prize Pool $ 500,000