Nightfall: "We are winning every late game using Spirit's calls"


BetBoom's offlaner Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko shed some light on their strategies in DPC EEU 2023 Tour 1. He shared that the team is using TORONTOTOKYO for late-game calls because of his experience. Nighfall revealed it in an interview with streamer Nix after defeating NAVI.

We're in a good mood, it seems like we made it to the Major [officially not]. It's nice to play in CIS. Honestly, it's a lot easier for me as a caller.

Calling is on me and Save-, while TORONTOTOKYO joins us in the late game. That's why we're winning every late game using Spirit's calls. Aleksandr is a well-known late-game expert, but this one [2nd map vs. NAVI] was unlucky.

On Drafting

Three people mostly do the drafts in the first two stages: me, Save-, and Boo1k. The final decision is usually on the coach. He can push some hero. Sometimes Vitalie and I do the same if we see that a character should be picked from our PoV.

Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko

On Sckrims and toughest opponents

In scrims, we are fighting to the death versus Tundra and Liquid. They are the best in Europe. <...> It's hard to highlight someone else, we'll see it at the Major. All the lineups are new, they are still getting used to playing and developing structure, and many games have mistakes.

Every region has random matches. Even we have it. Typically, tier-1 teams minimize randomness after half a year or a year. Of course, we try hard too, but it's not always working out.

Aster, EG [he could mean SR], Liquid, and Tundra are playing well. Other European teams might turn out to be good, like Gaimin Gladiators, Entity, and OG. They are capable of performing at LAN. I rate our current shape at 6 out of 10.

Best offlaners

I think 33 and Collapse. Last season, ATF was good on his heroes, but now he plays carry. In this case, Xxs is the third one. <...> Wisper plays well, but he has his own hero pool. It's five good heroes, while Xxs can use any character. He is more versatile, which is easier for the team.

Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko

BetBoom 2:0'ed NAVI and got their fifth victory in DPC. So far, they haven't lost a match yet. Next time, they will face Nemiga, and the final match of the Tour will be against Spirit.


Nix Alexander Levin

Nightfall Egor Grigorenko

TORONTOTOKYO Alexander Khertek


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