Sneyking implies that DPC 2023 will play out every tiebreaker, regardless of its importance. There's nothing about it in the rules


Tundra's captain Jingjun "Sneyking" Wu claims that DPC WEU 2023 Tour 1 rules have changed compared to the previous season. According to his information, teams will play tiebreakers when they have an equal win-loss record, even if it doesn't affect relegations or Major invites.

This information doesn't seem to be correct on the surface level. The Liquipedia page uses the same format as before: "If there is a tie along the dividing line, tiebreaker matches will be played."

The official PGL rulebook for both Europe and North America doesn't specify when the tiebreakers should occur. However, to explain the rules, it uses the term "Divider," which was implemented for these cases. Based on these factors, tiebreakers should be played like before if there isn't a hidden inner rule by PGL.

Source: Liquipedia

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DPC EU Tour 1

Start Date 2023-01-09
Prize Pool $ 280,000