STRATZ: If every earned Battle Pass 2022 level was bought, Valve would earn $293 millions. But it wasn't


If players bought every Battle Pass 2022 level they had at the end of the season, Valve would make whopping $293 mln. But as we all know, not every level was bought, so the real sum is much lower.

There are multiple factors in that. First, Valve gave away free Battle Passes to players, and while it most likely motivated some of them to buy more, some remained commited to free-to-play grind. One player reported on reddit that he managed to earn 170 levels without spending any money, just by completing in-game quests and finishing his Cavern Crawls.

Second, this top calculates as if players just went and purchased all their levels directly from store. But people received more levels for their money during two bundle sales, which allowed them to get 120 levels with a discount per sale. Someone who participated in both would get 240 levels on top of those earned by playing.

Top spending countries. Source: STRATZ

We know that the first part of it accommodated roughly $74 mln because we know the size of the prize pool. Which means the second one would earn about $200 mln. But as we already pointed out, it's definitely not that high in reality.

The calculations were made on analytical website STRATZ, and the page even had a disclaimer that this data shouldn't be used like that because of aforementioned reasons. But the data caught the attention of Team Secret on Twitter, so they made a misleading tweet and pointed out that "only" $18.9 mln went to the prize pool of The International 2022.

All previous Battle Passes were record-breaking, with every new prize pool overcoming its predecessor. In 2022, it wasn't the case. TI11 had the shortest time to earn money before the event, and the second part of Battle Pass was running afterward, contributing nothing to the prize pool.

If we imagine STRATZ's calculations as something that actually happened, this year's Battle Pass would have a prize pool of $73 mln. It would once again beat the previous record of $40 mln achieved at TI10.


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The International XI

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