How to steal three spells with this new Rubick bug in Dota


Fans found another glitched interaction for Rubick Spell Steal. This time it's a bug happening with Bane's ultimate and Nightmare, and it allows you to have three spells slotted simultaneously.

The bug only works with Aghanim's Scepter since it provides an extra slot. How to enable it? You need to have both Fiend's Grip and Nightmate stolen, and cast Nightmare. After that another ability slot will appear, allowing you to manually cancel it. After you cancel it manually or the Nightmare duration will pass, it will turn into the regular Nightmare skill.

The slot isn't permanent, you will keep the additional Nightmare only until the moment you lose Fiend's Grip. Because of it, it's better to steal Nightmare first, and then steal Grip, as the next Spell Steal will replace the Nightmare.

The bug is supposedly relatively old. In the comment section, players claim to experience it two months ago. Previously we wrote about another old glitch, with Clinkz dealing over 1,500 additional damage with Shadow Blade.


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