Chinese Division 1 team Knights accused of cheating after defeating PSG.LGD. Perfect Worlds sends evidence to Valve [Updated]


Chinese team Knights with eGo, AlaCrity, and Flyby were allegedly cheating in their DPC matches. According to a Chinese Weibo post, Perfect World gathered the information about the supposed offense and sent it to Valve.

So far, Knights played three matches in DPC CN 2023 Division 1. They defeated PSG.LGD and Invictus Gaming 2:0, but lost to Aster.

According to Redditor, citing Chinese video, the team supposedly used a map hack. Local caster called 杰出哥 observed Knights' matches and found suspicious behavior in all of the matches. They were too good at detecting and removing wards, finding more than 12 wards per game. Supposedly, their position 5 player Xiao "XCJ" Chaojian used some kind of software. But the caster claimed that the rest of the roster was aware of it, as they cooperated accordingly.

Knights assembled during the offseason, replacing Royal Never Give Up in the competition. They were initially registered as RNG, with former FelixCiaoBa coming from that team. Later, it was revealed that the organization transferred its slot in DPC to Knights. XCJ is not new to Dota scene, he was the part of Team Serenity, which climbed to top 8-12 at The International 2018 surprising many fans.

Update: Sneyking watched the Chinese caster's video confirming the Redditor's words. He said that it looks pretty damning and thanked the commentator for doing the in-depth research.

Knights lineup

  • Luo "eGo" Bin
  • Vincent "AlaCrity" Hiew
  • Su "FlyBy" Lei
  • Chong "FelixCiaoBa" Wei
  • Xiao "XCJ" Chaojian

IG Invictus Gaming

Aster Team Aster

Knights Team Knights

FelixCiaoBa Chong Wei Lun

Flyby Su Lei

AlaCrity Hiew Teck Yoong

eGo Luo Bin


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DPC CN Tour 1

Start Date 2023-01-05
Prize Pool $ 280,000