Spirit Korb3n explains Larl visiting their bootcamp, dismisses contract and roster lock issues voiced by OG CEO


Team Spirit's manager Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov explained why BetBoom's midlaner Larl visited their bootcamp. He states that was just an occasional friendly meeting, "nothing more." On his recent Twitch stream, Korb3n also commented on organizations supposedly abusing the mismatch between contract expiration and roster lock, the story that was previously shared by the OG CEO for Escorenews.

Why Team Spirit aren't hiding Larl

What do you mean we aren't hiding him? We simply met with Larl to go to a gym together, nothing more. What to hide here? The man is participating in "Счастливы вместе" TV series [Russian adaptation of Married… with Children] here, so I thought, "If he's here, why not [spend time with him]".

Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov

On the roster lock and contract issues

Actually, nobody would f**k with this. Creating a conflict when a contract expires by the end of December is absurd. Who needs this? It's stupid. You won't get any profit from that, anyway. Of course, you can set a high [buyout] price, but such orgs will end up on the "honor board." Nobody will deal with them in the future. Or people will set contracts until after TI instead of December.

I have a hard time believing that some organization is bitching because of 20 days. That's quite absurd. I can believe in such an org in theory. Speaking about OG, who's trying to mess with them? They'll replace one player, obviously a position 3, because ATF left. This is weird to hear. I don't think there are big issues with that. Maybe some "cunning" orgs would want to profit from that, but you should realize that it won't be a full buyout price. It will be an inappropriately small sum, it's not worth it.

Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov

Denis "Larl" Sigitov has been spotted at Team Spirit's bootcamp in Serbia, which added to the rumors of his possible addition. BetBoom released their roster, and Team Spirit will most likely lose TORONTOTOKYO. Despite Korb3n's words, Larl has been practicing with them, according to a leak by NAVI's support swedenstrong.



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