OG CEO on current shuffle period: "Making deals between teams can be very complicated because some contracts are quite unfair"


OG CEO Juan M. R. Luna spoke to Escorenews about the issue with current situation with transfers in Dota 2. He explained that this year a lot of contracts will end after the roster lock in December. That makes the process of finding the replacement harder than usual.

So most of the contracts are actually until the end of the year [December 31 2022]. And the funny thing about it is that a lot of the teams are actually not playing until next year [DPC 2023 starts in January]. So it creates a weird scenario, where teams could submit the new roster by December 9th. Is this legal?

The roster submission is just with Valve and their website, and it doesnt require to show any kind of contract or anything. And then the contract with the player can start in 2023. But its of course not what anyone would wants and not the ideal scenario.

So I think everybody's trying to figure out how to do it the right way and in a way that is best for the player. But making deals between teams can be very complicated because some contracts are quite unfair. So lets see what happens... But for sure teams will all have to change their contracts for the future to avoid this situation.

Juan M. R. Luna, OG CEO

According to Luna, OG will make only a single roster change before 2023. The team will need to find a replacement for Ammar "ATF" Alassaf. Some insiders claim that they are testing Dmitriy "DM" Dorokhin.

Earlier this year, Juan Luna spoke about a possible secondary lineup with veteran players. And recently Taiga said that some of classic OG players might reunite for the next season to compete in DPC. Soon after that Russian insider provoked a chain of speculations, and a lot of industry people came to the conclusion that these are Ceb, N0tail, and JerAx.



Juan M.R. Luna Juan M.r. Luna


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