TSM could've enter Dota because of FTX deal


TSM's acquisition of the Undying roster back in January 2022 surprised many community figures. The organization has been there for years but never even tried to step into Dota. According to Washington Post, this could've happened because of their $210 mln deal with cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

One of the issues for their agreement was that Riot Games forbade using the brand name in their disciplines, which were the home turf for TSM. So the organization has started to look elsewhere, allegedly, to fulfill the contract obligations. Apparently, it was FTX's influence that got them into Dota, as the crypto workers loved the game.

— Prior to FTX, Andy [Reginald] and TSM leadership had no interest in Dota. But the FTX people love Dota so much, and that’s why TSM got a Dota team.

— It was pretty clear [FTX] were unhappy and they started clamping down, trying to make sure they were getting the value that they were looking for out of this insane investment. And so TSM started having to figure out like, "Okay, what can we do more?"

Anonymous TSM employees

TSM declined these allegations. Their spokesperson claimed that buying Undying wasn't inspired by FTX and that the organization will continue supporting its Dota 2 squad.

This is completely untrue. TSM did not pick up a Dota team for the benefit of the FTX partnership. Stakeholders at FTX stated on multiple occasions that TSM was delivering everything it promised.

We aim to win NA DPC again. We plan to continue to support our players and team so they can best compete for championships.

Gillian Sheldon, TSM spokesperson

A week earlier, FTX announced bankruptcy. TSM reacted to this news by announcing the suspension of the deal. The cryptocurrency exchange will no longer be featured on the organization's branding.

TSM acquired the Undying lineup in January 2022, which didn't cost them a lot, as they had no owner. The squad had mixed results. They were among the first to qualify for The International 2022, thanks to the second place at ESL Major Stockholm mid-season. But the following results weren't that satisfying. TSM missed the 3d Major and finished dead last at TI11.


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