Fly reveals that ex-EG lineup will continue playing with "similar roster"


Former Evil Geniuses player Tal "Fly" Aizik shed some light on the team's future after being released by the organization. He promised that their lineup would continue competing together in NA, although there will be some changes. Fly revealed these things on his stream.

First things first. Because EG let the roster go, it doesn't mean that the players are all just gone, and the team disappears. Because they released the roster, but it's up to us if we want to keep playing with each other or not. So that's the first thing. There will be changes to the actual lineup, but it's going to be similar. That's probably as much as I can get. And we will be playing in NA.

Tal "Fly" Aizik

One of the changes, mentioned by Fly, should be Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko's departure. Various sources, including ours, previously reported on his return to Eastern Europe. The offlaner might reunite with his former teammates from, Save- and gpk~.

Evil Geniuses disbanded its lineup with Fly, Arteezy, and Cr1t and left the North American scene. They got the new roster from Thunder Awaken and mixed them with beastocast players to play in SA. Their move, and the way it was done, became a point of criticism by the community.


EG Evil Geniuses

Fly Tal Aizik


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