OG CEO on the reshuffle: "We will only make one roster change"


OG CEO Juan Luna announced that replacing Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf will be the only change in the Dota 2 roster. He announced that during Rivals Talk podcast.

He explained the decision to make only one roster change by the fact that young talent is "much easier to coach" and to "make them a superstars much faster". OG CEO is sure that the new team is going to "kick ass" in 2023.

Earlier the team parted ways with offlaner ATF. He is allowed to look for a new team. According to current rumors, OG are testing Virtus.pro's Dmitriy "DM" Dorokhin as a replacement.

The International 2022 ended up for OG on 7-8th place after losing to Team Liquid. The team looked solid during the season, but couldn't keep its success on the main tournament of the year.



ATF Ammar Saleh Alassaf


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