Korb3n: There will be an online tournament with top teams before DPC 2023


Team Spirit manager Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov shared a rumor about an upcoming Dota 2 tournament. He claims that this "small event" will be held online before the start of DPC 2023. He revealed it on his stream on Twitch, but the VOD was later taken down.

The only detail about this event is that top teams will get invites to the playoff stage. It's unclear who will operate the competition, what is the prize pool, and how many teams will play. We can assume that it will happen in Europe.

There are no top-tier events scheduled for the end of the year, while the next DPC season will start on January 9. It's unlikely that this new event will take place before DPC qualifiers on December 11-15, so we can assume the tournament will take place in the second half of the month, closer to the end of the year. Most likely, by that time most of the teams will finalize their rosters.


Korb3n Dmitry Belov


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