TORONTOTOKYO grinds support role in pubs


Team Spirit's midlaner Alexandr "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek is actively playing support in matchmaking. He is using both of his accounts and has over 60 matches over the last 8 days, mostly as support, according to Dota2Protracker.

His preferable heroes are Mirana, Silencer, Tiny, Crystal Maiden, Tusk, and Earthshaker. Khertek's overall winrate is 58% and 45% on two accounts

TORONTOTOKYO's main account. Source: Dota2Protracker
TORONTOTOKYO's "smurf 2" account.Source: Dota2Protracker

This confirms the latest rumor about TORONTOTOKYO, who is going to leave Team Spirit in the future. It mentioned a possible role change to expand the opportunities for a transfer. The information was that the midlaner didn't find the lineup that would satisfy him and rejected an offer by

As for Team Spirit, they were spotted playing scrims with Denis "Larl" Sigitov. The midlaner previously played on the BetBoom team and made it to The International 2022. The roster later disbanded, while their DPC slot supposedly went to their captain SoNNeikO, who is assembling a new lineup.


TSpirit Team Spirit

TORONTOTOKYO Alexander Khertek


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