TORONTOTOKYO might miss first tour of DPC 2023, rejects offer from VP


Team Spirit's midlaner Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek couldn't find a lineup after he decided to leave Team Spirit, which we reported on back in October. According to new information by, the player may miss the upcoming DPC 2023 Tour 1.

TORONTOTOKYO didn't find a roster that would interest him. He was invited to join but refused the offer. He also wants to upgrade his English skills and thinks about a role change to have more opportunities.

This, once again, confirms that TORONTOTOKYO will indeed leave Team Spirit, who were already spotted practicing with BetBoom's Larl. Initially, Alexander wanted to assemble a team with Nightfall and Save-. The rumor about means that their star mid-player Danil "Gpk~" Skutin might leave the squad as well. Some sources claimed that VP will disband entirely.

TORONTOTOKYO was playing with Team Spirit since 2020. Last year, they won The International 2021 and earned about $18 mln. In the following season, Spirit won the latest Major in Arlington, but couldn't replicate their TI success, dropping out early in playoffs.


VP Virtus.Pro

TSpirit Team Spirit

gpk~ Danil Skutin

TORONTOTOKYO Alexander Khertek


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