"Last till the end and fight for another year," condom company praises Ame with suggestive slogan


PSG.LGD's partnered condom company Jissbon released a post mentioning their star carry Wang "Ame" Chunyu. They put out a slogan saying, "last till the end and fight for another year." Minutes later, the post was taken down.

Twitter Chinese Dota in A Nutshell thinks this may tell that the carry will continue his career. There's uncertainty about his future. PSG.LGD or the player didn't officially comment on the matter yet, but before TI11 Ame spoke about possible retirement.

PSG.LGD is going through a rebuild. After Faith_bian retired, two players were rumored to take his place, Chalice, and CDEC's offlaner Li "项羽" Longwu. Another leak claims that PSG.LGD will take a six-month break from Dota, and a temporary lineup will replace them during that time.



Faith_bian Zhang Ruida

Ame Wang Chunyu


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