"Watson to Entity, 90%" EU ladder top carry from Kazakhstan to replace Pure


HellRaisers carry Alimzhan "watson" Islambekov might move to the European Entity team before DPC 2023. In this case, he will replace Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko. The transfer was leaked by the Russian player sayuw from One Move.

Entity didn't announce Pure's departure. There were unconfirmed speculations that he might join Nightfall and Save- on a new team. But it seems unlikely because Nightfall is already playing carry for a while and will supposedly change his role.

Watson is topping the European matchmaking ladder right now and has been on top for a long time. He previously played for Khan, B8, and HellRaisers.

The latter reportedly disbanded earlier today. The Ukrainian organization has struggled since February because of the geopolitical situation. Players participated in the events under the HR tag without proper organizational support, even though they made it out of Division 2 and won an online event named Last-Last Chance.


HR HellRaisers

Entity Entity Gaming

sayuw Oleg Kalenbet

watson Alimzhan Islambekov

Pure Ivan Moskalenko


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