TSM SabeRLight- on watching porn with Eva Elfie: "Meeting her in real life actually kinda ruins the experience. I couldn't do it"


TSM offlaner Jonas "SabeRLight- "Volek shared his thoughts on meeting Eva Elfie at The International 2022. He was curious about seeing her adult content on the web, but it felt weird after they got acquainted. On his stream, Jonas said that he chose not to do it.

Actually, I don't know if that's appropriate to say. Ok, whatever. So after I met her in real life, I was like, "Ok, that's an interesting experience, meeting a pornstar in real life." So then I was like, look her up, you know. Then I realized that meeting her in real life actually kinda ruins the experience. I couldn't do it. I'm not kidding, I couldn't do it.

When you don't know the porn stars, it's like, whatever. Just a hot girl having sex. But afterward, I was like, "wow, I actually know her. This is kinda weird." I didn't go forward. I swear on my life.

Jonas "SabeRLight- "Volek

Eva Elfie visited The International 2022 to make content for her social media. She interviewed some players, asking them sex-related questions. The girl cheered for Tundra since day 1, and the team ended up winning the whole thing. Now, Eva is in Rio at the CS:GO Major, continuing to make content and supporting NAVI.


SabeRLight- Jonáš Volek


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