Ori retires and leaves Aster, supposedly because of his parents' decision [Updated]


Update: Aster officially drop Ori who announces retirement. The 27-year-old won multiple events and earned almost $1.5 mln throughout his career.

Original text: Aster mid player Zeng "Ori" Jiaoyang will supposedly retire due to the pressure of his parents. This information came from CN Dota In a Nutshell Twitter, citing some Chinese rumor.

We cannot confirm its credibility, however, it falls in line with previous information by Inflame. Earlier on stream, he said that Ori "will retire no matter what." Also, he removed his fan group chat. Supposedly, his parents already found him a new career.

Another Aster player Xxs wanted to retire too but was supposedly "reprimanded by BurNing" and could've changed his mind. Many famous Chinese pros retired this year, but Aster was seemingly one of the strongest teams by the end of the season as they got into the top 4 of TI11.

Team Aster


Aster Team Aster

Ori Zeng Jiaoyang


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