"I’d want to be a Philosopher’s Stone. I’d just hang out with my teammates and give them money". Aster players had fun with some press conference questions


When Team Aster visited TI11 press conference, not all questions from journalists there were serious and directly related to competition. Some of the topics made the Chinese players to have fun and open up a bit for the Western fans. We picked the best of these moments from the meeting.

The players were asked which career they would take if they had to pick something else. Yu "皮球" Yajun, who is formerly known as Siamese.C, said that he likes cats, so he would open a pet shop for cats. Even tho Ori is a mid player, it seems that he really likes to farm — he would return home and become a farmer. BoBoKa's answer was even better, he would sell beef tripe in his hometown.

Assistant coach Mad said that without the competitive scene he would be making money towards his retirement dream in some way, which is to "live somewhere alone with a PC and just play every single day". And Monet, as always, was serious — he would become a doctor.

Another question was "If you can be one hero, which hero would you choose?" Monet and Xxs said they like the freedom, so they picked Nature's Prophet and Anti-Mage. When Ori said that he would pick Rikimaru, Mad called him a hermit, but later picked Treant Protector himself: "I could just go to the forest and live like a hermit. And I could just buy Aghanim’s Scepter and have vision everywhere".

BoBoKa considered an Alchemist, but quickly found a flaw in his own plan — he can't kill anyone for money, so he decided that it's not the best choice. And 皮球 also thought about money, but in an endearing true support manner, he was thinking about his team, not his own wealth:

Can I be an item instead of a hero? I’d want to be a Philosopher’s Stone. I’d just hang out with my teammates and give them money.

Yu "皮球" Yajun
Source: https://flickr.com/photos/dota2ti/

The players also talked about their good luck rituals before coming to TI11. 皮球 and Monet said they dyed their hair, while Xxs bought a Battle Pass and "went for a dressing room change", equipping his heroes with favorite items. Ori's choice was tossing away "an unlucky cabinet in Team Aster bootcamp", an answer which his teammates found very amusing.

Finally, BoBoKa said he went to a temple in Hangzhou to pray, to what Mad remarked that he did the same last year, and "it clearly didn't work. So this time I’m not counting on the gods, I’m counting on my team".

With Aster taking 13-16th place at TI10, the team already performed much better this time. But Mad's belief will be tested again when The International 2022 will resume with Finals Weekend on October 29-30. To have a chance at claiming the Aegis of Champions, first Aster will need to beat Team Liquid. The match will start at 06:00 CEST.


Aster Team Aster

BoBoKa Ye Zhibiao

Monet Du Peng

Xxs Lin Jing

Ori Zeng Jiaoyang

Mad Han Cheng

皮球 Yu Yajun


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