Aster.Mad about replacing retired players: "Most youngsters in China are playing mobile games these days. But we will be able to find champs out there"


Team Aster's assistant coach Cheng "Mad" Han talked about the future of Dota 2 in China during the TI11 press conference with his team. The only Chinese players left in the tournament also explained why they enjoy SEA pubs, unlike Western cores, and named the old team they would want to play in — and anyone can easily guess their answer.

Mad was answering the question about the supposed decline of Chinese Dota. Since players like Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida or Lu "Somnus" Yao announced their retirement after this TI, some people are wondering if the region will be able to replace them, if there is enough young blood playing the game there. And Mad's answer was rather realistic, but also hopeful. He agrees that the region is in some decline, but is sure that China will be able to find talent anyway.

I think, in terms of the big picture this statement is fairly true, because nowadays most of the youngsters in China, most of the new generation are usually playing mobile games, rather than Dota. So, Dota player count in China has definitely declined compared to regions like South America or Russia.

However, I believe that if there is talent out there, if there are people who are willing to put in time and effort to become strong, the stage will always be there for them to shine. We will definitely be able to find some champs out there.

Cheng "Mad" Han

Team Aster members also commented on which legendary Chinese team they'd want to be a member of. To no one's surprise, most of them would love to play in Team DK from The International 2014. They joked about it a bit, because their coach LaNm was actually a part of this team. BoBoKa said that he would want to play in TI4 Vici Gaming and play with fy, while Monet's answer was very serious:

I’m not someone who likes to reflect on the past. I’d like to stay in the present and be on this team.

Du "Monet" Peng

Finally, they were asked if they enjoy playing SEA pubs. A lot of Western players and especially carries complained about the quality of Dota while bootcamping for TI11, but the Chinese cores from Aster seems to like it. "I’m enjoying playing in SEA, because it’s full of noobs", said Monet, with Ori adding "yeah, a lot of free MMR out there". But their coach LaNm, who played support during his career, seems to have a different view:

You know, LaNm really “enjoys” SEA pubs, because whenever he is playing there, you can hear him yelling a lot in the practice room.

Cheng "Mad" Han

DK Team DK

Aster Team Aster

fy Xu Linsen

LaNm Zhang Zhicheng

BoBoKa Ye Zhibiao

Monet Du Peng

Mad Han Cheng


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