Outsiders changed its name back to Virtus.pro in Valve's team system


Eastern European club Virtus.pro got its title back in Dota 2 team system. Before it had to compete under the neutral name Outsiders.

It's unclear if this change is intentional or some kind of mistake in the system. Both DPC interface and player MMR ranking shows the name Virtus.pro, while the logo remains the same. At the moment of writing neither Valve nor VP commented on the matter.

The team recently announced its new CEO Aram Karamanukyan. This Armenian businessman also became an investor in the team, but the exact nature of this deal isn't disclosed. At the same time the organization disappeared from ESforce Holding's list of assets on holding's website.

Virtus.pro had to compete under the name Outsiders following the conflict in Ukraine and US sanctions. Unlike other Russian clubs, the organization managed to keep most of its rosters, including Dota 2 and CS:GO team.


Outsider Outsiders


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