Team Secret qualified to TI11 Last Chance, continues fighting for group stage slot


Team Secret defeated Into The Breach and have made it to the top 3 of the WEU regional qualification for The International 2022. The match ended with a 2:1 score.

The result guarantees Puppey and his team a place in the Last Chance at TI11. They can still win the qualification and advance directly to the group stage. To achieve that, they must beat Team Liquid and Entity Gaming, all on the same day.

The match against ITB started on September 16, but was postponed to the next day at the score of 1:1 due to technical issues. The support Charlie "aQua" Arat claims ITB were experiencing them during game 2 as well, but the admin ignored their request. It's unclear if the situation was the same for Secret.

Regional qualifiers in WEU are running online on September 13-17 with 12 attending teams. 2nd and 3rd-place runner-ups will go to Last Cance, and the winner will grab a slot at the main event. Puppey is the only player in history to participate in every TI.


Secret Team Secret

ITB Into The Breach


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The International XI

Start Date 2022-10-15
Prize Pool $ 13,050,166