Valve and PGL postponed Team Secret's game but ignored similar tech issues for previous matches in TI11 qualification


Regional qualification for The International 2022 in Europe faced technical problems and packet losses. Because of these issues, the last game of the bo3 series between Team Secret and Into The Breach was postponed to September 13:00 CEST.

ITB's support Matthew "Ari" Walker stated they had to play with lags in the second game, which they lost. It's unclear if Team Secret experienced the same issues.

So we got forced to play game 2 on a server with unplayable lags (despite the rules saying we would play on EU West). Now the final game is postponed until tomorrow.

Matthew "Ari" Walker, Into The Breach

It appears that other teams were having problems too, but the tournament operator opted not to change anything. Goonsquad's Charlie "aQua" Arat revealed a screenshot of a chat with an admin. After a promise to inspect the issue, the team never got an answer.

Team Liquid's analyst Mathis "Jabbz" Friesel joined the conversation, stating that his team had server issues too. They thought that it was caused by the camera feed and continued playing.

The regional qualification for The International 2022 in Europe is running on September 13-17. Entity, Liquid, Secret, and Into The Breach are the only ones left in contention for two Last Chance qualifier and one group stage slot at TI11.


Liquid Team Liquid

Secret Team Secret

ITB Into The Breach

GS goonsquad

Jabbz Mathis Friesel

aQua Charlie Arat

Ari Matthew Walker


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