Topson officially starts looking for team, will try to get to TI11


OG's inactive midlaner Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen started looking for a new team. The org released a lengthy video about his break from Dota 2 and provided it with a tweet where they allow him to explore his options.

Topson previously hinted at his comeback. He discussed with OG CEO Juan M.R. Luna the possibility of creating a second roster, but it wasn't clear if they were even serious about it. Initially, the Finnish player wanted to restore his career after the TI11, but after watching Stockholm Major 2022, he decided to speed up the process.

Topson will probably try to fit a team that will participate in TI11 regional qualifiers. He also mentioned earlier that most likely he will try to continue his career in Europe.

Since Topson's departure, he was living in Malaysia with his family, streaming Dota 2 while being listed on the club's inactive roster. According to Luna's previous interview, the midlaner is or was one of the OG's co-owners.



Topson Topias Taavitsainen

Juan M.R. Luna Juan M.r. Luna


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