GeneRaL commented on his kick from NAVI: “We all gave the parole of honour that will play TI together”


Victor “GeneRaL” Nigrini said of the departure from Natus Vincere. Off-laner recorded stories on his Instagram.

GeneRaL stated that the team decided to kick him on April 4th, two days before roster lock, so he can't participate in the second season of DPC and won't have time to find new team.

On April 4 in the morning, CW was canceled, at lunchtime, the manager wrote to me that we will have training camps. I go to the training camp at 4 pm, and Mag immediately tells me that “we’ve decided as a team, we kick you”. In our conference, this was the default joke. I'm like, “Yes, yes, of course, okay. Okay, kick me".

Then an awkward silence for 5-10 seconds, and someone connects, says that this is not a joke, a serious conversation: "RAMZES wrote to us, and we decided that it would be better for the team, we want to play with him." I'm shocked: “What!? You, like a rat behind my back, decided to kick me, without saying anything?" They were silent, bellowing, some ridiculous excuses began to sculpt. In general, I said that everything, all the best. That's all.

I want to note the moment that Bogdan did not participate in all this - as far as I understood, there was also some kind of muddy talk with him, he was either kicked or not. He wrote to me... In general, there was a misunderstood situation with Bogdan. This is because he did not participate in this. This involved three players and Mag, a hike.

Here is an important point: before signing a contract with NAVI, we all gave the parole of honour that we are anyway up to thaw, no matter what the contract, we do not kick anyone, we play 100% at The International this season together, and no one kicks anyone. AWF was the first to shout that he would leave, if someone kicks someone, it won't be like that, 100% guarantee. They almost swore. The campaign, the parole of honour did not keep, so to speak.

But there is one more thing. Already the question of replacing not in my direction came up two weeks ago at the bootcamp. To which the answer was clearly given that no, we 100% play with such a team. 100%. That was two weeks ago. Nobody will change anyone. And now, two weeks later, this is the situation here.

Well, that's all. Regarding the second DPC season: I probably won't play it, because all the teams are locked up, there is nowhere to fly. Maybe later on reshuffles after the second Major I will play.

Victor “GeneRaL” Nigrini

On April 4th NAVI announced that Roman “RAMZES” Kushnarev replaced GeneRaL. The updated roster will debut in the second season of ESL One DPC CIS 2021.

The tournament will be held from April 13 to May 23. 16 teams will compete for $280,000 and 1,150 DPC points.


NAVI Natus Vincere

GeneRaL Victor Nigrini

RAMZES666 Roman Kushnarev


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