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Evil Geniuses Secure Top 6 at The Kuala Lumpur Major


The Kuala Lumpur Major had reached its fourth day of playoffs and after this final series between Fnatic and Evil Geniuses only 6 teams would remain. The last 6 would be heading to the Axiata Arena for the Main Event and at the climax of that, we will find the Champion of the first Dota 2 Major of the season.

EG were looking brilliant in the early period of the first game, finding great kills with brilliant rotations coming in too. But by the time the mid-game came along, Fnatic were ready to fight and begun to match their opponents as much as possible. While the game did go for a while, with both teams finding great openings and team fights, once EG smelled blood, they pounced and forced the GG call.

Alright, that escape was dirty. @Cr1tDota saves @Arteezy's Arc Warden with a timely Fissue to help lock out Fnatic from the Magnetic Field.#BleedBlue pic.twitter.com/nOOKW4Qv7V

— Evil Geniuses (@EvilGeniuses) November 14, 2018

The next game was, once again, fairly close for the early period with both teams finding a few kills, but it was EG who opened the game up near 20 minutes when they dropped 4 from the Fnatic lineup. But Fnatic still in with a chance although Artour ‘RTZ’ Babaev continued to farm up on his Terrorblade.

Fnatic tried to use their Underlord pick to make some interesting plays across the map but EG were just too strong and repelled them from gaining any major advantage. The game slowed down for a while as Fnatic continued to do well to defend their tier 3 towers but they could not hold for too long.

EG took the series 2-0 and would move on in the lower bracket, while unfortunately for Fnatic, they would wave goodbye to the KL Major.

With the top 6 of The Kuala Lumpur Major now decided, the teams will get a day off tomorrow to prepare for the Main Event. The series to be played on Friday are:

  • LGD versus Team Secret
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas versus Virtus.pro

EG Evil Geniuses

Arteezy Artour Babaev


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The Kuala Lumpur Major

Start Date 2018-11-09
Prize Pool $ 1,000,000