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Evil Geniuses Push Forward Gaming Out of the Major


Today’s final series at The Kuala Lumpur Major would be between Evil Geniuses and Forward Gaming – the losing team would be waving goodbye to the Major while the victor would move on to face Fnatic tomorrow. EG seemed to be set in the Upper Bracket until Ninjas in Pyjamas surprised everyone and dropped them into the depths of elimination series. Forward, on the other hand, had already survived the best-of-one series and wouldn’t want the Major to end just yet.

An almost unkillable Arc Warden for Artour ‘RTZ’ Babaev would provide EG a fairly great game one, dying only a single time right at the end as the opponents’ Ancient was under attack. EG were able to claim a small early game lead and grew on that considerably as the game progressed, not even via kills, but by controlling the map and taking towers without any contest. It only took 30 minutes for them to close out the game and take the lead in the series.

Game 1 was a hard pill to swallow for @goFORWARDgg @EvilGeniuses take the lead, 1⃣- 0⃣
Tune in for Game 3
https://t.co/POOblpibRA & https://t.co/j0Kko2OGE3#kualalumpurmajor #dota2 #esports #klmajor #pgldota2 pic.twitter.com/bxzgVaENwk

— PGL (@pglesports) November 13, 2018

FWD, with their backs against the wall, came into the next game looking much better – building a small lead through the early game and keeping themselves slightly ahead of EG. Their team-fight ability was constantly tearing through EG’s lineup and EG seemed to be at a loss for response. It took them some time but without any mistakes FWD were able to force the GG call and tie the series.

The day’s final game was much more even for the most par as both teams knew that this could be their final game at the Major. The teams matched each other nearly identically blow-for-blow, with pickoff potential on both sides. But EG were the first to strike hard at their opponents and when they did, they proceeded to take control of the game and start what seemed the beginning of the end for their opponents.

ArcTZ!: @Arteezy's 997 GPM on Arc Warden is the all-time pro #Dota2 record for the hero, and is the highest GPM recorded in 7.19 (1,155 matches) by a hero other than Alchemist. @EvilGeniuses moves on at the #KualaLumpurMajor!https://t.co/ucIheL66hD pic.twitter.com/cXPLseJnde

— Nahaz (@NahazDota) November 13, 2018

FWD seemed to crumble after their great performance in game two and EG, utilizing Gustav ‘s4’ Magnusson’s Axe as well as RTZ absolutely dominating on the Arc Warden, managed to close out the series 2-1. With that Forward Gaming would leave the Major while EG move forward to face Fnatic tomorrow.

That wraps up the day at The Kuala Lumpur Major and there are now only 8 teams left in the tournament – tomorrow we will see 2 more heading home. Tomorrow’s match-ups are:

  • TNC Predator versus Vici Gaming
  • Fnatic versus Evil Geniuses

EG Evil Geniuses

FWD Forward Gaming

Arteezy Artour Babaev


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The Kuala Lumpur Major

Start Date 2018-11-09
Prize Pool $ 1,000,000