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Fnatic Weather the J.Storm at the KL Major


The third elimination series of the day at the Kuala Lumpur Major would be between J.Storm and Fnatic, with both teams hoping to secure their spot in the top 8 of the event. J.Storm had survived a best-of-one yesterday, utilizing a Timbersaw to perfection and secured their way out of the dreaded single game format of the first round of the Lower Bracket. Fnatic, after being dismantled by Virtus.pro in the Upper Bracket, were hoping to make their stand and continue forward at the Major – but one team would succumb.

The first game would see a quite an even match-up, for the most part – the lead constantly swung back-and-forth, with massive fights going the way of either team. With an Enigma on one side and an Earthshaker on the other, both teams looked for the perfect initiations and at the end it was J.Storm who had found more kills and better fights as they took the lead.

Needing a win to keep their hopes alive at the Major, Fnatic were on the back foot right off the bat as Lee ‘Forev’ Sang-don’s Axe ran rings around the SEA squad in the early game. The power of J.Storm’s lineup seemed to just be far too much for Fnatic to deal with up until around 40 minutes, when they were finally able to wipe their opponents and get a small amount of control on the map.

Abed ‘Abed’ Azel Yusop Arc Warden was one of the saviours of Fnatic and it was just over 50 minutes when Fnatic found their perfect fight and managed to turn around what seemed like their inevitable exit from the event to tie the series.

Game three saw a completely different side of Fnatic that we’d not yet really seen at the Major. The team were constantly ahead, utilizing the Arc Warden again and able to stay on top of J.Storm at all times. It was J.Storm this time that really had no answer to anything being thrown at them and by just over half an hour, 2 lanes of barracks were down. J.Storm did well to defend for a while, finding some decent team-fight moments but it was not enough.

With some amazing plays, Fnatic would take the victory and move on in the event while sadly for J.Storm, their journey at the Major comes to an end. Fnatic’s opponent in the next round of the lower bracket will be decided next as Evil Geniuses fight against Forward Gaming.


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The Kuala Lumpur Major

Start Date 2018-11-09
Prize Pool $ 1,000,000