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Evil Geniuses Reign Supreme in Group B at the Kuala Lumpur Major


Day one at the Kuala Lumpur Major it’s well underway, and after Team Secret were the first to secure an upper bracket start in the playoffs, Evil Geniuses followed suit from Group B.

The day started absolutely disastrous for the North American team after they messed up their timings and the overall execution in game one versus Team Aster and from a huge lead on the first 20 minutes of the game, they allowed Aster to make a full comeback after their first two kills of the game were scored around the 15-minute mark.

EG returned from the break reinvigorated and with some new tricks to keep their cores alive. Andreas Franck “Cr1t-” Nielsen played a support Weaver on which he rushed Solar Crest instead of Aghanim’s Scepter. Although he’s never been able to finish the Aghs, Cr1t’s contribution, with the plus armor and evasion buffs provided by the Solar Crest, proved to be crucial for EG to snowball into an early victory. Game three, however, seemed to never end. EG had Artour “Arteezy” Babaev on Morphling, while Aster’s carry was Spectre and the entire game was a continuous back and forth battle with a couple of farming resets from both teams. With both Morphling and Spectre six slotted, the game lasted for 77 minutes as Aster were extremely resilient in the high ground defense.

After winning their opening series in the group stage EG were already one step away from securing an upper bracket start in the playoffs and they did so by taking down another Chinese team, Vici Gaming. The EG versus VG match-up finished in under one hour, with the NA team delivering two strong performances. Game one was Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan’s show on Invoker while game two went from bad to worse for VG, who had no real answer to Arteezy’s Arc Warden.

Group B continues today with TNC Predator, Team Aster and Vici Gaming fighting for a shot at second place in the group.

Nisha Domination – Upper Bracket Secured for Team Secret


VG Vici Gaming

EG Evil Geniuses

TnC TnC Predator

Aster Team Aster


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The Kuala Lumpur Major

Start Date 2018-11-09
Prize Pool $ 1,000,000