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Grudge Match: Resolution vs OG


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At the end of TI7, OG made an incredible move. For their new superstar player, they were going to get Resolution. This was a player who had pulled off two miracle performances in both TI6 and TI7. He was the best player on DC when they made it to the TI6 Finals. In TI7 he was the superstar player that pushed Empire to a place they had no right to be. So I thought that with OG’s incredible teamwork and Resolution’s superstar power, it was going to be a slam dunk.

It never worked out that way. The team oscillated between underwhelming to good depending on the time period we’re talking about. In the end OG decided they’d rather kick Resolution, give up any chance for DPC points and play with their coach instead. This in turn has pushed Resolution back to his old Dota2 Vagabond ways where he jumps from team to team. Recently he joined VGJ.Storm where they won the GESC Thailand Minor. Now in MDL Changsha the two teams face off again in the upper bracket. Now I don’t know if they actually have bad blood (it’s 50/50. Moonmeander was real bitter when he was kicked from OG), but it should be an interesting match regardless.

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MDL Changsha Major

Start Date 2018-05-14
Prize Pool $ 1,000,000