S1mple: "Eternal Fire is in a very good form, NAVI need to step up and fix weak maps"


NAVI inactive CS2 star Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev commented on the playoff bracket of PGL Copenhagen Major 2024. He thinks it features some of the best teams. He isn't sure that his team can beat the Turkish breakthrough team of this event, Eternal Fire.

S1mple watched the latest NAVI games with other streamers. He didn't spare his former teammates and used every opportunity to criticize their performance. He didn't believe they would beat paiN Gaming in two games. During the ending of the match between NAVI and Cloud9, s1mple wondered, "Why are we wasting time watching this."

Eternal Fire is the dark horse of this event. The veteran core that was once Space Soldiers, boosted by young Wicadia, rolled back the years and cruised all the way to the playoffs. They already defeated teams like FaZe Clan, Vitality, and Virtus.pro, although mostly in bo1s and during the group stage. NAVI seem shaky, so they do not look like clear favorites in this matchup.


NAVI Natus Vincere

SSoldiers Space Soldiers

EF Eternal Fire

s1mple Oleksandr Kostyliev


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