PashaBiceps after devastating MMA loss: "External wounds don't hurt as much as internal ones"


Former CS:GO pro Jaroslaw "pashaBiceps" Jarzabkowski commented on his disappointing MMA debut. On Twitter, the Pole spoke about "internal wounds" hurting more than physical, feeling thankful to Counter-Strike for teaching him how to combat losses.

34-year-old PashaBiceps debuted in MMA on March 18, in the same Spodek Arena where he lifted the EMS One Katowice Major trophy in 2014. The octagon fight ended up in a disaster. Pasha didn't even last one round against an experienced Marcin Dubiel, who choked him out at the 1:06-minute mark. Despite losing consciousness in the ring with a lot of blood on the floor, pashaBiceps appeared on Twitter seemingly safe and in good spirits.

PashaBiceps is a retired CS professional. In CS:GO, he is most famous for playing under tag from 2014 to 2018. During that period, he won the Major and numerous trophies. After retirement, Jaroslaw spent two months streaming for Team Liquid before turning to real-life fighting. He had won his first boxing match in MMA gloves against a Polish athlete with a devastating knockout.


pashaBiceps Jarosław Jarząbkowski


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