CS:GO exploit reportedly has been ruining community server browser for two months


Players report on community servers in CS:GO being hard to use due to a glitch or an exploit abuse. They only show servers with high ping, which makes it difficult to find a desired game. The issue was brought up on Reddit.

Apparently, servers are showing mostly Russian servers that have ping above 150ms. The local ones don't appear on the list. The thread author linked a two-month-old post to prove his words. That means that the problem has been there for all that time. He also provided screenshots depicting the issue.

At the moment of publication, there are over 60 comments in the thread, confirming the existence of the server trouble.

— I'm from central Europe, and I can't find ANY servers when I set max ping to 50.

— Same in Iceland.

— It has been happening for a while, a consequence of redirect server spam. We've tried to call this out, but usually, these threads only get 100+ upvotes max. This is killing the community servers, the different game modes on CS.

— I live in India, and it's the same here.

There's a sub-optimal solution to this case. Players can visit a website like this one and manually add servers as favorites. Later, they can be found via the tab with bookmarked servers.

It's unclear if Valve is aware of the issue. Fans are afraid that it won't be fixed because Valve is now preparing for the Counter-Strike 2 launch. What will happen with community servers on the new engine is also a mystery. During the beta, both games will likely co-exist together before merging.


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