PashaBiceps loses his MMA debut in Katowice in first round


Former professional CS:GO player Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarzabkowski lost to Marcin Dubiel in the MMA match in Spodek Arena. The fight between the Poles lasted only one round.

Jamombkowski missed several close-range shots, as well as a right hook to the jaw that sent him down to the floor. Dubiel continued his domination and defeated pashaBiceps by guillotine choke at the one-minute, six-second mark. The ex-CS:GO pro lost consciousness for a while, which caused silence in the Arena, but later managed to get up.

Afterwards, he posted a photo with his wife afterwards, showing him in good health and spirits. "Not this time papito," commented pashaBiceps on Twitter. Fans and professional CS:GO players, including seized and XANTARES, supported him in comments.

It was pashaBiceps's debut in MMA and the second fight in the octagon. The first fight was by boxing rules, which he won with a knockout. Marcin Dubiel now has a record of 5-2-0, Jaroslaw stands at 1-1.


pashaBiceps Jarosław Jarząbkowski


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