G2 Ocelote: "My players come to me in private: 'Don't tell anybody. I love you, man, this is for you. I raised the trophy for you'"


Former G2 CEO and still a co-owner Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez explained his current status in the organization and shared stories about players who dedicate their victories to him. He is not controlling how G2 operates but has "certain rights" as a shareholder. Carlos revealed it on the TK Talks podcast.

I'm not hands-on with the organization, I just own a large portion of the company, which, of course, comes with certain rights. Yeah, operationally, I'm not involved. Sometimes I see the guys raising trophies. I won't say who, but my players come to me in private: "Please, don't tell anybody. I love you, man, this is for you. I raised the trophy for you. When I raised the trophy, it was you there, as well." And it warms my heart because people that matter are feeling like this about me. I was a good man to them. And that is what matters to me the most. Everything else? Alas, I don't care, bro. I've done enough. And thanks to the shares in this company, I can just chill. In a long enough time frame, with these shares I'm a billionaire, brother. So whatever I do next, in a way, is very liberating because I do it for a deeper reason than just cash.

Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez

In September 2022, Carlos stepped down from CEO position at G2 Esports due to the reputational scandal. During a tournament-winning celebration, the controversial Tate brothers were spotted at the party. Carlos's statement that he "parties with whoever the f**k he wants" fueled public outrage even more. Reportedly, Riot Games denied the organization its franchise slot in Valorant because of the incident.

Many G2 players won events after ocelote's departure. The CS:GO roster became the champion of BLAST Premier World Final 2022 and IEM Katowice 2023, the Rainbow Six Siege team claimed the trophy of Six Invitational 2023, the Valorant female roster was the best at the VCT 2022 GC Championship, and League of Legends squad finished first in LEC Winter 2023.


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