ESL will continue with CS:GO until it's "reasonable to move to the rumored Counter-Strike 2"


Two biggest CS:GO tournament operators, ESL and BLAST, answered Dot Esports regarding the upcoming Counter-Strike 2 game. The new game is still a mystery for many, and no direct statement was made by either party.

BLAST refused to comment, stating they don't have anything to say at the moment. ESL supposed that they will continue using CS:GO until it will be "reasonable to move to the rumored Counter-Strike 2."

It is still unclear how Valve would transition CS:GO to Source 2. Richard Lewis claimed it would be a new title, almost "almost certainly" named Counter-Strike 2. Insiders Tyler McVicker and Gabe Follower insist that CS:GO will simply continue on Source 2. Probably in the same way it happened to Dota 2 when it became Dota 2 Reborn with no changes to gameplay or inventory besides some enhancements.

As reported by Richard Lewis, Counter-Strike 2 will come out with new features like 128-tick servers, improved matchmaking, graphical boost and optimisation. The expected beta launch should happen in March 2023.


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