Fnatic defeats Eternal Fire with every single player playing worse than opponents


Fnatic outplayed Eternal Fire on the last map of their series in ESL Pro League S17, but it's hard to call it a beating. On the contrary, every player in the Turkish team had a better HLTV rating than the best of Fnatic.

Fnatic won the Nuke with a 16:13 score. MAJ3R was the worst on Eternal Fire with a 1.04 score, while roeJ was the best on Fnatic with 1.03.

Source: HLTV

To add insult to injury, Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson, who had the lowest numbers in this match, appeared to be the hero of the day. First, the veteran brought Fnatic to match point by winning an impossible clutch. And second, he had the most impactful play in the last round, turning a 3v3 situation into a 2v1.

With this match ending 2:1, Fnatic knocked out Eternal Fire from the event and made it to playoffs. They will start from round 1 in mid-March. The Turks finished 17th-20th and won $15,000.


EF Eternal Fire

KRIMZ Freddy Johansson


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Start Date 2023-02-21
Prize Pool $ 850,000