Vitality registered JaCkz instead of dupreeh for EPL S17


ESL Pro League official page has updated Vitality roster for Season 17. The CS:GO lineup features Audric "JaCkz" Jug instead of Peter "dupreeh" Rasmusen. This confirms rumors about the Danish player leaving due to the child's birth.

The insider, who revealed dupreeh's temporary exit, implied that the payer might miss the Paris Major. EPL S17 will run way earlier, from February 22 to March 26. Maybe dupreeh and his partner are expecting the child on these dates. The RMR starts in mid-April, and the Major kicks off in May. Vitality didn't comment on the matter yet.

After leaving G2, JaCkz joined French HEET in August 2022. Since his addition, the team has been averaging around the 30th-35th position in HLTV. Recently, they advanced to the closed qualifiers for the Paris Major RMR from the open bracket.

Vitality Lineup at EPL S17


VIT Team Vitality

dupreeh Peter Rasmussen

JACKZ Audric Jug


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Start Date 2023-02-21
Prize Pool $ 850,000