PashaBiceps reveals his next opponent for MMA fight in Katowice


Former CS:GO pro Jaroslaw "PashaBiceps" Jarzabkowski announced his opponent for the upcoming March fight in Katowice. Marcin Dubiel is a more experienced fighter compared to Pasha, with 5 MMA fights behind him.

Shortly after PashaBiceps's announcement, Martin posted a tweet saying it would be a "meeting of a train and a cyclist," but he is full of emotions. It's unclear what he meant but most likely the weight difference. PashaBiceps is about 88 kg compared to Dubiel's 77.

According to the data website Sherdog, Dubiel had five fights, four victories and one loss. He won three of them with knockouts and one through submission.


The fight between PashaBiceps and Macin Dubiel will be held in Katowice, in Spodek Arena. It's a special place for the Polish ex-CS:GO pro. Back in 2014, he won the Major there, playing for


pashaBiceps Jarosław Jarząbkowski


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