Electronic to B1T after their exit from Rio: "I'm f**king shocked. You've sold everyone in the most important round"


ESL and BBC released a documentary dedicated to IEM Rio Major 2023. While it was mostly dedicated to Heroic and FURIA, there were some other interesting behind-the-curtain moments. One of those showed electronic scolding B1T after they lost the elimination game in the playoffs.

NAVI was in low spirits after their exit, and the team's IGL didn't spare their rifler, blaming him for the loss.

Well f**k, we cannot realistically win with these kinds of mistakes. Bro, it's a mistake. You've sold every one of us. I'm f**king shocked. You've sold everyone in the most important round. No way we can win by making such mistakes.<...> For f**k sake, we were so f**king delusional thinking that we could win something. But it's unreal with these mistakes.

Denis "electronic" Sharipov

NAVI famously lost to FURIA in the quarter-final of the Major. The team had a lot of issues in the second half of the year, struggling to fit in their stand-in sdy. Many believed it was related to the atmosphere in the team after seeing s1mple getting annoyed at teammates in various episodes. Team morale was also a key point in a recent's B1ad3's interview at BLAST Groups 2023.



electronic Denis Sharipov

B1T Valeriy Vakhovskiy


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