74-year-old lady gets kicked from CS:GO game while streaming for medications


A clip of an old lady kicked from CS:GO game went viral in the Russian-speaking community. 74-year-old streamer i_olga, who was playing the game on Twitch, was voted out by her teammates.

She was kicked from the game as she was playing out the 1vs3 situation. Her reaction to this show of toxicity was rather calm. "I have been excluded from the game. Well, maybe they are right," stated Olga after she received the kick.

The old lady is streaming to raise money for prostheses and leg rehabilitation with a goal of 300k rubles (~$4.360). She already got 75% of the needed amount thanks to a 150K donation from popular Russian streamer Buster.

Olga started streaming in 2021 after watching other content makers on YouTube. Aside from CS:GO, she played Witcher 3, Minecraft, Metro, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock. The old lady explains that she loves video games as a distraction from her daily routine and assures concerned viewers that she does it on her own accord.

Every morning I wake up with only one thought: "I want to play and spend as much time as I can with you, my dears." I love to play very much, and I'm happy that I can learn something new at my age. Never in my life was I forced to do anything. If sometimes I'm silent, that means I'm focusing on the game. Sorry for that.


Olga currently streams for about 77k followers once a week on Twitch. She started on a laptop but later, her grandson built a PC for Olga. She has a proper setup, a gaming chair, and even nice CS:GO skins. Her rank in the game is Silver I, but she's more responsible than many other players you will meet in matchmaking, warming up on an Aim Bots map before jumping on the server.


Buster Vyacheslav Leontiev


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